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 SS M32 Black Wool Breeches
M32 Service Breeches are made of authentic black wool. These classic German Riding Breeches are perfect for enlisted and NCO service uniform. Made of black wool breeches feature: Two Side Pockets and One Rear Pocket and Watch Pocket. Button fly, Side Waist Adjustment Belts and like the originals …
USD$180 USD$99
Allgemeine SS Officers M32 Black Wool Tunic
USD$180 USD$115
Allgemeine SS Officers M32 Black Wool Uniform Set
A very accurate reproduction of M32 SS officers tunic in high quality heavy black wool to provide the best possible fit. With pebbled silver buttons, silver piping to collar and belt loops . Suit collectors, re-enactor, and film companies. Black wool M32 Service Tunic Features: Made of …
USD$199 USD$115
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Allgemeine SS Officers M32 Black Wool Uniform Set#2
SS M32 Parade Uniform which is made of black woolen cloth ,the price of $75.00 only includes the tunic. The pant is WWii German SS M32 Breeches .If you need our pant ,hat ,collar tabs ,shoulder boards ,armband ,and so on ,please click YES on our website .the price will be added. Our items are of …
USD$180 USD$115
Allgemeine SS Officers M32 White Tunic
USD$190 USD$110
Allgemeine SS Officers M32 White Tunic(Full Uniform)
- Tunic - Pants  - Hat  - Collar Tabs - Shoulder Board - Sleeve Patch - Member Badge - Sleeve Title - Bayonet Hook
USD$160 USD$110
German  M37 Field-grey Wool Greatcoat
USD$280 USD$140
German Army M36 Officer Uniform Sets
USD$460 USD$120
German army officer Claus von Stauffenberg Tunic
Reproduction WW2 German Army von Stauffenberg tunic. Please choose your sizes accordingly or choose the tailor made option (no extra charge but will take approx 4 weeks to tailor) The price is for tunic only,you will have to pay for the pants and other insiginas This jacket is made from field …
USD$294 USD$125
German Bavarian Officers' Overcoat (Paletot)
A very accurate reproduction of German Bavarian Officers' Overcoat (Paletot) in high quality heavy grey wool to provide the best possible fit. Suit collectors, re-enactor, and film companies. Shoulder Boards, Collar Tabs and other insignia are also available at an additional cost.
USD$199 USD$150
German Führer's  Field-green Gabardine Jacket
A very accurate reproduction of Adolf Hitler Führer's Field-green Gabardine Jacket in high quality gabardine to provide the best possible fit.Suit collectors, re-enactor, and film companies. This uniform Jacket is one of many variations worn by the German Führer between 1934 and …
USD$199 USD$115
German M35 Infantry Division Waffenrock Tunic
USD$380 USD$240
German M35 Officer Tunic (Red Piping)
USD$190 USD$140
German M36 EM Officer Wool Field Tunic
USD$180 USD$115
German M36 EM Soldier Wool Field Uniform
USD$170 USD$115
German M36 field-grey wool Infantry NCO Tunic
USD$180 USD$120
German M36 General Grey-Wool GreatCoat
USD$310 USD$145
German M36 Officer Field-Grey Gabardine Greatcoat
USD$340 USD$140
German M36 Officer White Cotton Tunic
USD$160 USD$105
German M36 Officers Field-grey Gabardine Tunic
USD$190 USD$125
German M36 SS Officer Uniform
USD$390 USD$118
German M37 Feild Green Wool Breeches
USD$190 USD$90
German M38 Police officer Gabardine Tunic
USD$350 USD$130
German NSDAP Reichsleitung Double Breasted Tunic
Rare double breasted tunic of a bereichsleiter nsdap, at the reichsleitung level,made of brown woolen,also accept custom size ,and you can click custom size on our website if  you need it
USD$280 USD$128
German Officer M34/37 Stone Gray Tunic (SD)
Click here for the Size Chart! (https://ww2onlineshop.com/size-chart.html )
USD$220 USD$115
German Ordnungspolitzie Police Officers Uniform Tunic
made from field grey tricot wool, fully lined, comes with sleeve patch, collar tabs, shoulder boards and 2 medals
USD$279 USD$230
German Tricot M35 Waffernrock Uniform
Made of tricot/gabardine/whipcord as original. 
USD$480 USD$360
German Wehrmacht M40 HBT Summer Field Trousers
USD$140 USD$90
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